Monday, November 11, 2013

T-Minus Four Weeks Until Stories Start Going Live!

Dear Diary,

Well, tonight I finished Draft #3 of Novel #1. I then sent it off to Freelance Editor. She also has Novella #1. That comes back tomorrow.

Novel #1 ain't perfect. (Neither is Novella #1.) One guy is sometimes called one name. A set of characters don't really get their comeuppance. And one nefarious villain is somewhat villainy, but never fully realized.

But they got sent off and are getting another pair of eyes on them. This will be the fourth set of eyes for Novel #1. Fifth, if you include mine. Sixth if you count my mom's, who has a counseling degree and the first chapter takes place in a counselor's office.

With the books in the messy state of revision and pending revision, it's time to switch gears. This week, I:

-Create Four Covers using Adobe's one-month free trial

-Create a Goodreads Giveaway once I have Novel #1's Cover complete

-Create more of a presence on Goodreads while I'm there

-Create my website,, to go live 11/18!

-Synopsize my short story that ties in with Novel #1 and Novella #1

-Send to critique partners to get more brain cells on it

-Synopsize a story I'll be post to my site each month, as well as Wattpad

-Send to critique partners to get more brain cells on it

It's gonna be a busy week!

Yours tiredly,
Sydney, The Artisanal Author