Friday, November 15, 2013

2 and 1/6 Days Left Until the End of the Week

Dear Diary,

It's a bad sign, isn't it, when I'm counting days by the fraction? There's just





What I've done based on my list from 4 and 5/6 days ago? Let us see:

-Bought two of my four cover images (still waffling on the other two)

-Bought Adobe's Creative Cloud in order to create the covers (I was going to do the free trial, but I went the year-long month-by-month route when I found out I couldn't get the fonts for my book covers)

-Mocked up one cover. But then realized the fonts were not being downloaded from Adobe (via TypeKit, which can be used, embedded, on a cover). I need to call someone at Adobe about that. 

-Bought ISBNs in order to do a Goodreads giveaway (it's part of the requirements)

-Bought access to the premium content, including storefront, from Wix. (It was between Weebly and Wix, but ultimately, I decided I liked Wix's app store the most AND it ties into Blogger if you want that as your blog page. Go and Google about Blogger and increasing presence on Google. I'll wait.)

-Synopsized Short Story 

-Sent it to my SSSers (critique partners) and got their awesome feedback (gems like "So why exactly is Hailey in that story?"). Since she's my heroine, a huge character sinkhole I forgot to address (aka, What is at stake for her?). Oops. That's why you send the synopsis to your Alphas before you start the story!

-Started to work on the first few pages of Short Story after reading Evanovich and Goldberg's Pros and Cons, a great short story with a terrific structure and two fantastic characters. Different genre than my contemporary romances, but story structure is story structure.

Putting off working on Wattpad story synopsis until December. I got a LOTTA work ahead of me:

-revising my novella

-revising my novel

-writing my short story

-revising my short story (again and again and again)

-creating the bones of my website

-creating the visuals for my website (including scanning and Photoshopping and updating my blog--Hello Blog!)

-figuring out exact dates in order to get my print books done by publication

-figuring out formatting (Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc.) or if I'm paying someone

-figuring out book bundles

-showing my face on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and, yuck, Twitter. But people seem to like that Twitter. I'll just plug my nose and swallow. 

-finishing my social media set-ups (which I did when I created the links above). Oh yeah.

And that is me. I look forward to January 1, when everything is underway, three stories will be live, one story will begin its life on Wattpad, and I'll be at work on the next story AND seeing what else I need to do with promotion and marketing.

Deep breaths.

Yours over-scheduled-ly,
Sydney, The Artisanal Author