Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Book is Up!

Dear Diary,

It is December 29, and boy, what a month and a half it's been!

-I finished editing the book, for the fourth, fifth, and sixth time.

-Time #6, I read it aloud. (And I still missed "agen" for "agent"! Thank goodness for self-publishing and fixing the mistake right at that moment and having the file update to the correct version in about eight hours. I'm still waiting for my traditional publisher to fix an egregious error from 2007. Gah!)

-I decided to format the book myself.

-Never, ever again. It took 24 hours over a 48-hour span.

-I hired a formatter for the next book. Paid her straightaway, too. I am never formatting again.


-I realized a lot a things from this first publication:

  -In self-pub, there's a hard and a soft launch. I didn't know the difference or how to do it. Now I do.
  -I am so, so, so glad I only formatted for Kindle. It minimized the headache by 2/3.
  -Formatting is the devil.
  -Reviews are hard to get if you didn't plan ahead. The soft launch is when you ask for those reviews. Then, they're up and ready by the hard launch.

-I PUBLISHED THE BOOK! It's available here:

I have a lot more lessons I've learned. The good, the bad, and the plain ol' "Wow, I'm going crazy here."

I'll share those at a later point.

Right now, I've got to do some revising on Book 2 and some plotting on Book 3 and Series 2. 

Yours happily and more educatedly,