Thursday, February 6, 2014

Re-Envisioning & Prioritizing to Keep the Gray Hairs at Bay

Dearest Diary,

So. I have re-envisioned and revised what this year will be like. 

That's right. I took a moment to breathe.





(But as I breathed, I also revised, revised, revised HIS FAVORITE REGRET, both the Kindle version and print edition. There were a LOT of revisions as I found dumb mistakes my eyes and others' eyes hadn't found. Darn being human!)

As I breathed, I also worked on blog posts. And a newsletter. And building readership and friendship. And writing epilogues (note to future self: never, ever publish a book without the epilogue done and ready to go--I know, that sounds like a gimme, but I'm doing a bit of an experiment with having my epilogue on my website rather than in the book).

I have my hard launch next week. In Indie Publishing, you have two launches if you are in-the-know. (For the first book, just so you know, I wasn't in-the-know. Now, I am.)

I soft-launched January 20-ish. I put the ebook on Amazon, got the Amazon link, and could finally sign up for things like email promotional blasts and Goodreads Giveaways.

February 10th has always been my hard launch date, which is just around the corner. I'm so glad that I did this. I've been smoothing out the few errors I've found (just so you know, I had errors in my traditionally published books too) and putting together everything that will lead to a satisfying launch--as in gaining some readers, gaining some subscribers, gaining some like-minded friends who like reading what I like to write. (If you like Janet Evanovich, you'll LOVE Sydney Strand. Just sayin'.)

But back to re-envisioning. I've created a pragmatically ambitious schedule. As in, I will put in 40+ hours a week publishing books, writing/marketing/revising when the baby's napping and when both children are abed. Writing when I can steal away for a Saturday afternoon. But I will NOT steal time away from my babies in order to work on this career. My babies are my top priority.

But the books are definitely #2. 

(And the husband falls somewhere in between there.)

So that's been me. 

Tiredly happy and re-envisioned,