Sunday, July 13, 2014

Planning Birthdays & Starting Stories

When you're a writer and you're a mom, you have to sometimes (nah, ALL the time) claw out the time you need to make words appear on paper. Which is a little hard when a) it's summer break and b) it's one child's major huge birthday-month celebration.

The scoop about my past week is pretty much summed up with this picture:

Lucky Number 7!

This week had me planning Birthday Party, Part 3. (And, hey, having three sevens now makes sense! That and the "Lucky Number 7" motif I was playing off of.) 

Part 1 was a class party at the children's museum, replete with pancakes and pajamas.

Part 2 was a grandma-thrown party, replete with crepes and monkeyball bread and a "grown-up" camera. 

The New Grown-Up Camera
Part 3 was at a waterpark, a first time for La Petite Adult, and the first one for me since, well, 30 or more years ago! I kept the iPhone in a locker, to keep it from getting dropped or dumped or swept away in the water. So no pictures from that. But it was fun, or as LPA said, "My best birthday EVER." 

I'll take it.

This is sort of what all the revelry looked like. Complete with poker chip plates. :oD

Click here to see the video this comes from (cuteness overload!)
Of course, I needed some caffeination to keep me going.

Funny because it's so, so right...scary right

And the birthday fun soon turned to 95 degree days and 99% humidity. Which meant closing the windows, turning on the A/C, and playing inside with La Petite Adult's playhouse.

Having tea and playing house with Le Boy Bebe

This led me to be a little stir crazy. Luckily, Amazon Prime came through with this really great video:

This has low-cost production values, but the moves are AWESOME

And when I went off to sit for a few minutes to have some me time, I found this on my favorite "Me" site, Pinterest:

A cup full of latte and a phone open to Pinterest...ahhhhhh

And then I moved over to Instagram and found this:

Even Lisa Rinna in her fancy house has dreams too? Good to know!

So speaking of creating my dreams and my job...I'm working on my new Bad Mom Rents a Man story. Actually, two stories--a short of about 8,000 words and Part II (approximately 25,000 words). I am writing some pretty craptastic words at the moment, but that's always the way. By revision #5 (out of the eight I do), I'm feeling pretty okay about it.

In other words, I don't feel like doing this anymore:

Oh Kevin. You'll never grow out of this. Us adults feel this way a lot.

Until the next Sunday Story...

P.S. This Monday, July 14, is Digital Book Day! HIS FAVORITE REGRET will be available as a PDF  for $0.00. That's right. I didn't forget to put a number in. You're welcome. ;o)