Sunday, August 3, 2014

Planes, Trains (of Thought), and Automobiles

We came back from vacation and this happened:

I can imagine her in a swimsuit, holding an ice cream cone, a puddle of drippiness at her feet.

There's a saying that the days are long but the years are short. That person is crazy smart. You know who's also smart? My La Petite Adult. She read these books on vacation. In four days:

I used to read this much. From when the sun came up until the sun went down. And now my eyesight is thisclose to legally blind. But oh-so-worth-it.

We left Utah mid-week. We left behind playing in morning-sprinkler puddles:

This is at the oldest Mormon Temple in Utah. Pretty. Couldn't go inside, but I assume it's just as manicured and lovely.

We left endless skies where the sun and clouds seemed to have a magical relationship with one another:

The view from the parking lot. Imagine if I had been at a canyon. Or a river. You would've cried from the beauty of it.

We left behind cupcakes from 25 Main in St. George, Utah, where you could enjoy the moistest, bestest cupcakes while Anna and Elsa and Olaf kept you company:

This was the Chocolate Chocolate cupcake. It was not gluten-free. (But there were some of those there, too, FYI!)

But worst of all, we had to say goodbye (for now) to Na-Na and Papa Hat. This was the view I saw for the 10 days we visited: running through the courtyard to see our Beloveds. This was on our last day there:

Who do you think is going to get there first???

But then we came back to kitty cats who missed us. And two rooms of storage boxes that had to be moved back to the basement after work had been done down there while we were gone. But this view made the pain of Physical Labor less painful:

Our Purr Purr being a Love Love.

And while I was gone, and while I dealt with the crazy that was Post-Vacation-Chaotic-House, I wrote. I kept up 2500 words per day of dreck and drivel and drab. But the only responsibility for the words found in Draft 1 is this: To show up.

Not to be pretty. Not to be shiny. Not to even be English (when you're tired, you start to Sleep-Type).

No, the words just need to do this: To show up.

If you disagree, if you think there needs to be a little bit of shiny loveliness to them, then let This Brilliant Writer set you straight:

Screenshot from my phone, where I'm always running on empty.

And that, my friends, was this week.

Me taking a not-so-foolproof selfie

Until the next Sunday Story...