Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saying Goodbye, Embracing Hello, and Reveling in the Process

Another Sunday, another busy day. Well, not too busy. Not like the last few Sundays. But we did go shopping for grills at Lowes (end of summer sales!) and went on a visit to the comic book store* we found out about at Comic Con Boston.

*It was located in quite the strip mall that also included an adult video store, a tattoo parlor, a fireworks store, and a pawn shop. It was definitely one-stop-shopping for somebody out there (somebody who I never want to meet).

Yeah. Just...yeah.

I have quite the messy desk at the moment. When I saw Pablo Neruda's desk, I didn't know what I envied more: the view or the tidy desk. (His is on top; mine is the Bermuda Triangle on the bottom.)

Have fun, my Sweet La Petite!

But before I get into my discussion about writing, first I have quite the week to share. La Petite Adult started school again (saying goodbye to Summer Vacation and hello to a new school year). A second grader, she adores school, but not so much the talkative people at her group of tables. She did me, "I'll wait until next week to tell the teacher. Maybe they're just excited about the first week of school."

Why hello there. Another round of Do Re Mi, you say?

With La Petite off at school, it was just me and Le Boy Bebe at home. With the Legos and Mega Bloks. This is where I grit my teeth and figure out how to like Legos and Mega Bloks. Luckily, he's okay with me building people and having them sing musical numbers.

Emery Farms has THE best sweet corn. Just sayin'.

We also went to the neighborhood farm to pick up 30 ears of corn for a lobster/clam bake. Le Bebe could care less about the corn. He liked the six cars the farm had. He didn't even look at the animals (donkeys! chickens! baby goats!!) he loved those cars so much.

Joshua's in Wells, ME

And then we ended the week at that lobster/clam bake in Wells, Maine, where cute salt boxes peppered the roads. (See what I did there? Salt/pepper? Am I a nerd/dork or what?)

Picking up Baby Brother while he's still pick-up-able

It was a beautiful evening, where cousins and second cousins caught up, and sisters picked up brothers so that they could pick leaves off trees.

This was about 1.5 hours before Le Boy Bebe fell into a pot of cold clam water, bum first, his highly absorbent diaper proving its worth just a little too well.

This applies to revisions, too. Revise, even if it suuuuuucks.

I didn't just wait for the school bus, play Legos, and frolic in Maine. I wrote. Or rather, revised. My First Revision took away about 45% of the initial suckage that was my First Draft.

That meant I had another 55% of suckage to correct.

And that I'm still correcting.

You are a smart cookie, Annette.

But that's okay. I knew the story wasn't going to be perfect. Was I hoping it would be close to perfect by Labor Day, my deadline for this story?

(Initially titled Bad Mom Rents a Man: Labor Day, by the way. Talk about a built-in deadline!)

Hello deadline!

Of course I was hoping! But the story is not close to where it needs to be yet. The suckage still sucketh. And so I pushed the deadline out by a week.

Goodbye deadline!

Note: ONE week I pushed it. Not weeks or months. If I did that, I would set myself up for a future of nitpicking and "not good enough" doubts. I do not sabotage myself in these ways. I sabotage myself in other ways* but not in semantics.

*I sabotage myself by over-optimistically scheduling my life, thinking I can revise 10,000 words in three hours. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Me funny.

The teacher put faces on EVERYONE's eraser.

But just as La Petite Adult has her happy-face at school, I have my happy-face even in the midst of revisions, suckage, and prolonged deadlines. I love this story (now called Bad Mom Rents a Man: Glampfest). And I love the process of creating this story. Here's a bit of that process I'll detail at some later point:

-Create story based on necessary turning points
-Fast write story
-Revise story
-Revise story again
-Beta read story
-Revise story again
-Proofread story
-Format story for print
-Format story for ebook
-Finish cover
-Finish back cover
-Finalize front matter and back matter
-Test story as an ebook
-Publish ebook
-Finalize print book
-Publish print book

In between, I set up Goodreads giveaways, promotional sales (I have one coming up Columbus Day Weekend!), and keep up my digital presence.

And during it all?

I. Have. Fun. 

The moral? I say hello to the process of creating a good book and goodbye to anything that will keep me from creating that good book.

Until next Sunday,