Sunday, September 28, 2014

Being Busy, Being Wiped-Out, and Being Behind

The confession behind this blog: Read here. 

This week sortakinda stunk noogies in terms of productivity. In terms of birthdays and walks and overall procrastination, I was a rock star.

Exhibit A: Playing Lego Trains. Or rather, watching Le Boy Bebe play Lego Trains.

Exhibit B: I was the best flower waterer while procrastinating.

Exhibit C: The cat got good pets due to procrastination

Exhibit D: Walks and errands = great procrastination.

Exhibit E: Birthdays had to be celebrated with M&M's and 2.5 cans of icing.

Exhibit F: Obligatory cat pic of Cat 1.

Exhibit G: Obligatory cat pic of Cat 2.

I just couldn't get my act together. I felt like I was paddling against a current that was keeping me in one place and, worse, moving me farther from shore, aka, a healthy future. 

Luckily, I do this thing where I keep track of my progress (or lack-of). I noticed something. My "Unproductive Week" actually yielded 5 Revised Chapters.

Let me say that again:

Five Revised Chapters!

This ain't small potatoes, especially since it's Draft 2 revisions. This means taking the big, unyieldy pile of yuck and putting it into a smaller, more manageable pile of yuck.

Imagine it like this. Imagine you're at a homeless shelter feeding 1,000 people. Imagine the dishes left behind from that mess (especially if no one was cleaning them all night). This is Draft 1.

Now imagine a wedding, where 200 people were fed. Think of those dishes. This is Draft 2.

Still a mess, but less sob-inducing, y'know?

Nonetheless, I was still exhausted this past week. moving from the end of one book and going directly into the next book. I felt the gears grind. Going from 75 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour and going directly from 5th to 3rd and forgetting to put in the clutch (the transition, if you will) is, well, owwwwwwwww.

This is me. Definitely want a week of doing nothing but watching crappy TV.

But I'm slowly moving into 30 mph. But first, I had to go back to 2nd gear. My mind is still on that awful pile of yuck, i.e., the homeless shelter and its mess of dishes. "Okay, start with the silverware? Or soak the pots? Do I have anyone clearing tables or do I have to do that too? Because I have no tiiime." (Insert whine here.)

Right now, I'm trying to organize the chaos in my brain. I'm actually trying to combine what I do in Drafts 2 and Drafts 3 into one revision. This may be what's breaking me. But I need to do it like this because this book feels like it needs it.

In the meantime, I'm creating character sheets (based on Proust's 21 Questions, which is used by Vanity Fair and my critique partner Shelley Coriell's perona poem). Next, I'm tweaking my Revision Checklist a bit to include some great thoughts from Outlining Your Novel: May Your Way to Success. Thanks for the reminder, Sara Whitford!

Did I mention the procrastination? Including taking selfies with b-day decorations?

I also have a writer's retreat this weekend in Northern Maine. I'm hoping to get out of this productivity inertia totally and completely by then.

My goal by next Sunday: Have Draft 2/3 completely done.

I'll let you know how I do.

How about you, my pretties? Any inertia? Any productivity eaters? Any desire to sink into a week of crap TV and bad Red Box movies?

Until next Sunday...

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