Sunday, September 21, 2014

Getting the Flu, Getting Behind, and Getting Centered

The confession behind this blog: Read here.

I had a great week. At least, the start of it was great:

Why yes, I did steal into a B&N and put my phone on their Romance shelf.

This was the week where I moved "seamlessly" (Ha!) from one book to the next. I had so many grand plans:

-Make a print book of Bad Mom Rents a Man: Glampfest! (Book 2)
-Create a Goodreads Giveaway
-Get through Revision 2 of His Favorite Distraction

Then, the FLU hit. 

That's me fluing it up with The Other Woman. Meh. That's my book on the computer screen. My productivity was also Meh.

I pretty much got through two chapters of Revision #2. And then I slept for 13 hours. And then I sat still so my head didn't hurt too much and my bones didn't ache so much.

And I looked at flowers:

These were supposed to have died. Who knew sporadic watering could lead to Zinnia Hibernation?

And I looked at others doing more writing than I was:

Isn't this a great idea by Chapterlilaria? Go follow her for more fun!

And I acted silly:

Le Boy Bebe turns 2 soon. I, however, do not fit into his hat, even if he is off-the-charts for his size.

But I knew I had to get back to it. 

I was naked. This story was naked. I have so, so many layers of clothes to put on this sucker!

Especially with a writer's retreat coming up, which eats into my time with This Story. It's one I've been going to for years up in Northern Maine, and I haven't gone since--egads!--2011, pre-Le Boy Baby.

The Internet-Free Cafe is my pragmatic choice

Luckily, I started feeling better today:

Hello Skinny Pumpkin Latte. My first. At the Tar-jay.

And I realized that this time away from In the Thick of It made me realize something:

I needed to rethink my current story. 

I needed to step back. 

And it was all due to this little gem I saw on Instagram one day:

See? Procrastinating on Instagram is a GOOD thing

I had to think to myself, "Who is my One Single Reader?" And I realized it was a combo deal. That there is an Entity to Impress (Ent2Imp).

Do you know that weird Entity, aka Ent2Imp? 

If Mindy Kaling, Zooey Deschanel, and Jennifer Weiner were running a production company, my book would need to fit their needs and desires.

Don't laugh. It totally focused me as to what I envision for EVERY ONE OF MY BOOKS.

A little bit of snark.
A little bit of girl-power.
A little bit of cute.
A little bit of heartbreak.
And, ultimately, a little bit of fun self-realization by the TV watcher. Um, I mean reader.

And follow Hilaryswank on the 'Gram. She's pretty awesome.

Yes, Miss Swank. Yes I do love life. Especially now that I know my Ent2Imp.

Who is your Ent2Imp?

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