Thursday, September 18, 2014

Publishing, Planning, and Smiling

I'm a little late with the post this week. But I had a good reason.


In a bit, I'll go into detail about the birth of this particular book. But let me tell you, the timing for the launch got a little sticky. When you have a book that's ready to launch, it's interesting to look at dates. The date around this launch was September 11. I don't know about you, Dear Reader, but I don't even buy bread that's dated September 11. 

The best post for 9/11. Credit: Adam Shankman/Instagram

And so I held off. And I did my usual Mom thing this week. I took La Petite Adult to a birthday party along the bay (lucky duck--my childhood birthday parties were usually within view of the McDonald's ballpit and a tumbleweed or three).

Ugly, isn't it?

And Le Boy Bebe and I went back to the post-strike Market Basket. Mums and pumpkins made the early September feel like it was truly fall. And the $.89 2-Liter A&W Rootbeer made me feel oh-so-happy to have my store up and running again!

It's nice when your grocery store looks like a farmer's market/pumpkin patch.

We even went to swimming lessons, where Le Boy Bebe collected foam letters and La Petite Adult worked on floating. Ahh. The simple things in life. 

Mine, all mine!

But then it was:

It's good to know that even Reese Witherspoon needs motivation!

And so in between birthday parties and swimming lessons, this is where a child could find me:

I cleaned up my desk and could use it again!

I had to proofread one last time. This meant somewhat small things to fix. Look, look at the small things:

One of the better, easier pages to fix in Draft 7!

In order to work on revisions, I find the best way to get through the muck is to take it chapter by chapter. Not hour by hour or word by word. I need the work segmented off, attached by a staple per chapter, and only that chapter in my lap. It makes the work more do-able, less crying-in-the-corner-in-the-fetal-position, you know?

Look at that lovely pile of DONE!

I even write notes to myself. (See below.) The YAY! is when I finish inputting my notes. The "12" means the pages, the "5 Hard" means that five of those pages are covered with quite a few marks and will take time to do. If I prepare myself for what's ahead (for instance, I knew I couldn't work on this in the five minutes before the bus came), I am more likely to set myself up for successfully completing the task (I saved this chapter for after the children went to bed).

I highlight my revisions in green, and then use hot pink to mark them off as I go

After I finished proofreading and inputting the proofread, I made sure the cover was what it needed to be. The cover was conceptualized back in May. Things had to be mulled and stewed over to really truly see if the cover was what it needed to be:

It's September in NH and it was around midnight here. I was cold!

Next up was publishing to Amazon!! It usually takes 10-12 hours to post to the Amazon site, but this time, it took over 24 hours. Hey, I was okay with that. My traditionally published books, once they were pretty and ready to go, took ONE YEAR to publish as they awaited a slot on the editorial calendar.

That's my "publisher's way of telling me it was in the queue!

The next day, I gathered my notes and put them into a make-shift folder. A time capsule of my time and efforts and thoughts. Bittersweet? Not at all! Glorious. Glor-i-ous!

The TIme Capsule

Of course, this was what I was thinking that night as I finished publishing to Amazon and putting together The Time Capsule:

I did. I still do!

So let's run down this story by the numbers:
  • This is my 7th complete story, my 6th published story, and my 4th self-published story.
  • This was supposed to be a short story of 8,000 words.
  • It took me 5 days to fast-write 6,000 words.
  • It took me 28 days to revise.
  • In all, I wrote 7 drafts of the story. Of those, five were thoroughly revised, with insertions, deletions, and major plastic surgery on the sentence-level.
  • The story turned into a novella of 23,000 words.
  • My personal deadline for completing the story was 8/29 (the Friday before Labor Day weekend).
  • My actual publication date was 9/15.
  • And it took 4 days after publication to get hit by the flu. Hey, at least it waited until AFTER publication!
  And there it is. My week and book in a nutshell. ;o)

Off I go to bed early so I can keep on keepin' on with the next story!

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