Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to Win at NanoWriMo: Prepare for Procrastination (#2)

Kind of sort of...but not really the case here.

I thought I saw a post about procrastination today as it related to NanoWriMo. I was right. It was here:

It was a hilarious yet pragmatic suggestion. (By the way, Barnes & Noble has cards out for sale already. So you can totally do this.)

This form of procrastination is what I call productive procrastination. You are still doing something, and at least it's not a binge of Walking Dead or Orange is the New Black, trying to forget about how much you hate writing.

However, there's a better form of productive procrastination, and one I wholeheartedly recommend since I do it on a daily basis:

It's procrastination that has you working toward your ultimate goal...

Publishing a Book.

The keys to productive procrastination that move you forward toward
Publishing a Book

are as follow:

1) They must actually be a part of the pre-writing, post-writing, writing, marketing, or planning process.

2) The act of productive procrastination must be tempered with some sort of writing each day ON THE BOOK YOU ARE PRIMARILY WORKING ON. Think of it as "Hey, I binged-ate a cake, I better have some broccoli to help it move through the system."

3) Your productive procrastination can't be meandering acts. The must actually have a finished product in and of themselves. In a moment I'll explain.

Over the last few days, I have been suffering from a migraine that have given me vertigo, major fatigue, and of course a headache. As such, my head hasn't been focused on writing through the muck that is Draft #3 of my WIP. So instead, I've been:

Doing Marketing:
-I have kept my social media presence consistent (not overly visible, just "Hey. I'm here, Don't unfriend/unfollow me because you think I'm One of Those Fly By Night Writers.).

Thinking About the Planning Process:
-I have rethought dates as I've dealt with being under the weather. I need to have my next book, HIS FAVORITE DISTRACTION, hit at the same time I'm having a sale on another title for that funneling effect the successful self-pubbed crowd is always promoting. (More can be found here:

-I have looked into places to smartly advertise my next sale. For instance, a Book Bub ad would be a lovely thing, but I need more books under my belt first so that I can have a better funneling effect. 

-I have been looking into preorder buttons and a new Goodreads giveaway. (I'll be doing both.) But you need to have a cover to do both of those things. (See below.)

Chipping Away at Prewriting:
-I have created story notes and character sketches for a Super Secret Project

Enjoying Some Post-Writing:
-I drafted blurbs for HIS FAVORITE DISTRACTION that will appear on the book, my website, Amazon and Goodreads. I'm someone who has to look at something for a long time to see if I like it or not, so it's good to start the process now.

Creating Marketing Plans & Giveaways:
-I'm looking at doing some giveaways for the holidays, and I enjoyed looking at a few products on Etsy to give away.

-I have created a bookmark that will be the template for postcards, too, that will go out this holiday season. All newsletter subscribers will get one (hint hint).

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Designing a New Cover
-I have been fiddling with what will work best with my newest book, HIS FAVORITE DISTRACTION. I've been even polling Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for feedback. Again, I need to do such a thing early so that I can let it percolate before I move forward and implement the idea. (Feel free to leave your thoughts about which one YOU like in the Comments!)

And yes, through it all, I've been eating my broccoli and have also been writing through the dreck of Draft #3.

After all, with this much work BEHIND the scenes already done, talk about being prepared and even pushed to finish the book in order to see the fruits of my labor!

How about you? Do you do behind-the-scenes work in order to be productive during your non-writing time?

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