Monday, October 27, 2014

Slogging Through Revisions

The confession behind this blog: Read here. 

 This last week was filled with pumpkin strolls and hot glue gun burns as I finished making Halloween costumes. I also continued to Slog Through the Slogfest of Draft #3 of #TheRobotStory (aka, His Favorite Distraction).
La Petite's Kitty Cat Pumpkin.
The Kitty Cat pumpkin lit up along the stroll.

Those costumes! All glue, velcro, and a teeny, tiny bit of my blood.

I at least had a break from making dinner--we had a lot left over from our Christmasgiving on Sunday.

Christmasgiving done simple--including soup can candles.

Revision has been slow-going, but I've been using my Productive Procrastination skills to get side work done:

1) I finished the cover for His Favorite Distraction. (#TheRobotStory) 

2) I used my Social Media Minions to decide on a cover for #TheRobotStory.

3) I brainstormed promotions (and set them up through BookGorilla, eReaderNews Today, Goodreads Giveaways and three Blog Hops).

4) I worked on a Super Secret Collaborative Project, something that always helps me shoot some adrenaline into my sloggy writing ways.

And I also found myself in Maine looking at these homes and going, "Wow, this is where my Annaliese and Matt love and fight and fight some more!"

Inspiration for my NH Beach in Maine

And now I am back to my story and trying to unknot the mess. I always have a mess at this point. And I always drag my feet at this point.

Anyone else drag through the slog?

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