Monday, January 12, 2015

Writing Down What You HAVE Done, Not What You Will Do

So I started this post a week ago. I have the Blogger app on my phone, and I downloaded the images I wanted into a post and that post was supposed to be written last week.

Uh, yeah. Not so much.

I've been a bit scattered since I finished La Petite Adult's book on Christmas Morning. Or at least, on the writing front I have been.

But then I started to look back and realized that the way I do things IS scattered--but I get sh*t done. 

I took a minute I figured out everything I've done for my writing career since Christmas Morning 2014. I only wrote down career-related stuff...all the "other stuff" doesn't count.

Since Christmas Morning, I have:

1. Revised a Cover Flat (Bad Mom: Mother's Day)

2. Created from scratch Two Cover Flats (Bad Mom: Glampfest! and His Favorite Distraction)

3. Created from scratch the print edition of a book (His Favorite Distraction) 

4. Finished the JPG cover for my Bad Mom Short Story

5. Worked on the branding/look of two new series  

6. Revamped the look of my website a bit after deciding Wordpress wasn't for me and I'd make Blogger work; I changed my header and fixed some fonts and changed some innards (such as how to access my books so it looked more streamlined). I still have a bit more to do, but I'm not stressing. Bird by bird, right writer peeps?

7. Spent WAY too much time looking at Oriental Trading Company for the materials to create class Valentine's for La Petite Adult's friends and getting distracted by stuff I could use for my writing needs (I love stickers! I love personalized pencils!)

8. I ordered a sample pack from PensXpress to figure out the promo pen I do want to create at some point.

9. I put in "orders" to create two email promos for Presidents' Day Weekend.

10. I have written two scenes and revised others for a collaborative project I'm working on.

11. I cleaned up my writing space. Like, every drawer was gone through. All dust was dusted (well, mostly). Things waiting to be hung up were--egads!--hung.  

12. I have created a few things for an idea I have for an Etsy store. I know, I know. SQUIRREL!

13. I started using a Passion Planner. I'm not so good at day-to-day planning, but weekly/monthly/yearly planning? Yes please!

14. I've written four blog posts.


Here are some pics to go with this post; I'm good with not being perfect and so I didn't waste precious Short-Story-Writing-Time seamlessly blending them in:

This is from Passion Planner. Go download a copy. It's AWESOME.

What Createspace shows you when you finish a cover: a 360-degree view!

I always lust after others' writing spaces. And so I made my own more lust-worthy!

This is what the printed product of His Favorite Distraction looks like.

There is still too much chocolate in this freakin' house!

A common sight: Headphones and notebooks I take notes in about stories and my writing career and that are next to me as I fall asleep.
So that was the period between 12/25 and 1/12 (2.5 weeks!) in a nutshell. I FELT like I hadn't accomplished a lot, all because my stupid short story isn't done yet. But when I sat back and wrote down what I had been doing, a different reality emerged.

How about you? If you sat down to write what you HAVE done and not what you want to get done or what you haven't gotten done, what would your list look like?

So, yeah. I've been doing a lot. And that story will get done.*

All the other stuff has. ;o)

*This story is about three good writing days away from being done.

Sydney Strand is a writer and mom who has published two books through New York and another five via self-publishing. She writes funny little romances, but not of the Red Room of Pain variety. More like the Dan and Roseanne Connor variety--humor is sexy, dontcha know. You can follow Sydney on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and/or you can sign up for her All Things Awesome Newsletter


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