Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How New York, Ants, and Other Moms Will Not Keep Me from Keeping On

My Darlings My Dear,

Last week, we were able to take a last-minute trip to New York City. We live only 4.5 hours from the city by bus, but due to the hours of departure, we had to take the car. That meant 6.5 hours with pee breaks and food breaks. 

But then views like this were worth the travel time: 

A view from the Ramble Walk in Central Park

The view when sailing remote control sailboats

The New York Public Library

Not Carrie Bradshaw's stoop--but the area where she lived

What a lovely walk this must be for regulars

I made sure that I did what I loved most about NYC: enjoyed books (at the Shakespeare & Co., Books of Wonder, and the B&N on the Upper West Side); enjoyed art (at The Met and The Museum of Natural History); and enjoyed Broadway (at the off-Broadway play, The Play That Goes Wrong).

Getting back into the swing of life after this trip has been hard. Namely because we came home to an ant infestation (GAH!) and the mayhem that created. We also have school starting in one more week, and the house has some projects I wanted to get done by the end of summer vacation (again, in one more week).

I took a keyboard to NYC to use with my iPad--I even downloaded the chapter I was working on, knowing I couldn't do too much work. But I couldn't even get to that chapter--and I still haven't.

Luckily, I keep an eye on my deadlines and know to make up for lost time in the "gaps" life gives us--gaps such as waiting for my daughter at dance tomorrow and then waiting one more time at fencing. Two hours of worktime! As long as I bring my headphones, I can get some work done (otherwise, the other moms want to keep from being bored by talking to me, not because we're friends, but because I'm a boredom buster).

No thanks. I got stuff to catch up on! 

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