Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Football Games, Ikea, and Fall Trees--Oh My!

This past week, I went to my first professional football game. (My last "big" football game was the Army/Navy game at West Point, when my middle brother was a cadet. My last "big" football game before that was at my liberal arts college where I went because my sorority sister was a cheerleader and her dad was the football coach.) In all cases, people watching and the food stands were my favorite part of the whole she-bang.

This is how I watched the game. I couldn't track the ball on the field otherwise!

This was my husband's birthday present, and what made the whole trip bearable was a promised trip to the nearby IKEA.

This IKEA chandelier is about three feet by three feet. 
If I had bought this, we would have to crawl to get past it.

But I have to say, I always look forward to home the most. Especially when it's decorated with a Fall Tree.

My fall tree allows me to have a tree up from October 1 through December 31!

The "bad" part of a trip is decompressing after the trip. On the first night back, I basically sit here and decompress with Instagram and Twitter. Where I find these gems:

I am what I am.

I just kept giggling over this one.
I love my babies, but I also love my cats.

Truer words have been written--but these are pretty dang true.

I hate the "wasted" time of decompression, but I'm glad for it so I can feel immense guilt at not writing/going down my writer checklist. This checklist currently includes: Finish edits on seven chapters of book, Kindle book, Createspace book, re-do synopsis for finished manuscript that needs a re-focus, re-do synopsis for a partial I'm readying.

I always have something going on. It's the only way for a writer to be writing. ;o)


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