Fun Stuff


Need a present for someone? Here are some ideas based on what my receivers have loved! 

Need a diet that was a joy? Then read this awesome article based on Taylor Swift's exercise and food choices. (And it is a joy. Trust.) 

Need to know how to marry Michael Fassbender? Then read this fun little guide


Need a song to make you smile at how simple and gorgeous it is? Go listen to this Louis Armstrong song as it's played on a ukulele by a girl calling herself "Danielle Ate the Sandwich."

Need a laugh? Go take a look at this Superbowl commercial that has kept me laughing for years.

Need a little girl power? Go view this Grammy performance that makes you happy to be a girl.

Need a Frozen fix, whether you like the movie or not? Go and experience a xylophone and a triangle and a tiny little dressing room  that made me hit play again and again and again.