Dearest Reader

Summer is here (Happy First Day!!) and so are the final days of the last, last, last edits on Bad Mom Rents a Man: The Complete Story. 

I know, I know. 

I keep saying that.  

But guests are gone (as is that last minute push to do silly things like, oh, put up towel bars in the bathrooms and shelves in the shelf-less pantry) and I've finally defeated the squirrels and chipmunks that were invading my birdfeeder. (It was a full-time task, I tell you. The answer? Lies here.)

FYI: Do towel bars yourself. You'll feel empowered. Hire out for shelves. They make you an angry, foul-mouthed shell of a girl.  

Sydney Strand is a writer and mom who has published two stories through New York and another eight via self-publishing. She writes funny little romances-slash-womens-fiction, but not of the Red Room of Pain variety. More like the Dan and Roseanne Connor variety--humor is sexy, dontcha know.