Dearest Reader

August 18, 2019

I could currently give a sloth a run for its money. Like, the definition of a sloth should show a picture of me, on the couch, reading five books in two days. 

While in my pajamas.

Because I'm not only getting over a very busy few weeks, but I'm also preparing for a very busy few weeks.

And so...I sloth.

Before I forget, I also wrote a new blog on writing retreats (which I finished before the sloth bug hit). You can find that here, under:

Writing Retreats and Writing Goals

I also wrote another one on August 21 that you can find here, under:
How New York, Ants, and Other Moms Won't Keep Me from Keeping On
So what made me a sloth? Since July 21st, I have traveled to Utah and taken care of my Father with the Broken Hip, traveled to Northern New Hampshire to take care of my Stories with the Broken Plots, and traveled to New York City to take care of... well, nothing was broken except my heart if I HADN'T gone. ;o)

In the weeks to come, we need to back to school shop, pull a small jungle of weeds, take care of an ant infestation problem, set up swim lessons and scouts, visit my son's first-grade classroom, get some of my art displayed at a local craft store, and finish up summer workbooks. Oh, and work on some writing goals.

Sydney Strand is a writer, artist, teacher, and mom who has published two stories through New York and another four standalone novels via self-publishing. She likes writing stories with humor, which is one part foot-in-the-mouth and one part two-left-feet, with a sprinkle of personal experience.