Dearest Reader

Spring is starting to come into view like an over-excited, paws-larger-than-its-head puppy. Forsynthia is spraying into walkaways and daffodils are sprouting and bending down to the ground.

I love spring. So do the stocks of Sudafed and Claritin--they go SOARING as my allergies awaken from their long winter's nap. Ah. Oh well.

In April, I'll be at the RWA's New England Conference enjoying time with my fellow writers. I love being with fellow writer nerds! I'll be bringing with me my newest editions of Bad Mom Rents a Man and His Favorite Distraction! Can't wait to share my pretty new babies.

I have three new stories waiting in the wings, too... Can't wait to share those when the time comes. ;o)

Sydney Strand is a writer, artist, teacher, and mom who has published two stories through New York and another eight via self-publishing. She likes writing stories with humor, which is one part foot-in-the-mouth and one part two-left-feet, with a sprinkle of personal experience.