Dearest Reader

January 1, 2020

Happy, happy new year and new decade!

(Yes, I believe in starting the decade in 2020 and not 2021. I also believing in starting the week on a Monday and not a Sunday--I'm such a rebel!)

For 2019, I redid my bookcovers, finished Bad Mom Rents a Man: The Complete Zany Story, and completed my compendium, Favorites, which includes His Favorite Regret, His Favorite Inconvenience, and His Favorite Distraction, as well as the short story Her Favorite Obligation.

Aren't they purdy??

I also changed the look a bit of this site, featuring a girl who very much looks like me. Always a headband, always a scarf, always a pair of glasses, and with an affinity for orange and ocher (or as my daughter says "It's mustard, Mama).

A new YA Rom/Com was started a few months back, and an Adult Rom/Com is currently being revised. It's currently in the midst of its 5th draft. I'm a seven draft girl, however, so stay tuned!

And remember, you can always find me and say hi on Instagram!

Sydney Strand is a writer, artist, teacher, and mom who has published two stories through New York and another four standalone novels via self-publishing. She likes writing stories with humor, which is one part foot-in-the-mouth and one part two-left-feet, with a sprinkle of personal experience.