Dearest Reader

May 19, 2016

Hello my dearlings!  

Ugh! The months pass too quickly. Especially when you're potty training a three-year-old.

The book I've been working on for 17 months is off. Yay! I haven't taken this long with a book since my first one 10 books ago. But these last two years have been a doozy in terms of personal stuff.

So it goes.

I just wrote a blog post for Thinking Through Our Fingers about being an Awesome Author. You'll find that here.

I still need to post my first blog in my new section, Plan to Write, which will be about my life as a planner. My date to get that started in in May, when I've been actively planning for a full year. (And I'll tell you what worked and what SO didn't work.)

In the meantime...

The Book I Just Read:
Hush Hush (5 out of 5 Awesomes)

The Movie I Just Watched: 
Star Wars #7 (2/5 Awesomes; the acting/chemistry was lackluster and the Big Bad is Adam from Girls--and I couldn't shake that association!)

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