This is the place where I talk about myself as a writer. 

I can tell you that I was always a child who noticed where every comma went and the difference between singular vs double quotes (and knew right away when I had the British version of a book--they love those single quotes for dialogue!).

I can tell you the first story I ever wrote was about a little girl stranded on an island at Christmastime and celebrating it with dolphins.

I can tell you I wrote a book of poetry, typed on a typewriter in my mom's classroom, and sold it to my classmates.

I can tell you I put myself through college by winning essay contests from fifth to twelfth grade, writing on everything from the duel between Burr and Hamilton and Arizona mining.

I can tell you I went to college--and majored in advertising. I did not dream of being a writer--I wanted to work in fashion somehow some way.

I can tell you that my love of fashion illustration and fashion magazines trumped my love of writing. You can find some of my work here.

I can tell you I went on to receive a master's in English/rhetoric/nonfiction that taught me how to be clear and concise.

I can tell you I had an internship at Marie Claire magazine in New York and was a columnist for The Arizona Republic.

I can tell you I've taught research writing, business writing, and technical writing for  many colleges and universities.

I can tell you I wrote two young adult books in the era of vampires and wizards. You can find those not so popular books here and here. (But Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children liked my one story a lot!)

And I can tell you I found self-publishing for a bit while I raised children and my mother was passing. The process brought solace and gratification when my personal world went upside down and inside out. 

Finally, here I am today. Writing fun characters and funner plotlines. Drawing fun art. Raising my more independent children. Teaching students who need to learn how to choose words and research wisely.

And this is the place where I stop talking about me. ;o)