Below, you'll find out more about these closed door romances featuring independent women and the men love them!

The Absolute Worst Fake Fiance

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Maggie Weston is a single mom who is always tired, always busy, and always trying to avoid her mother's phone calls. Augustus "Bugs" Sloane is an entomologist who is trying eradicate disease and death. He might look like a player, but his brain is 100% nerd and his social skills are 95% awkward as he focuses on all things mosquitos. 

When Maggie finds herself having to come up with a fake fiancé she made up to keep her mother off her back, she reluctantly agrees to be matched to Augustus Sloane. The Absolute Worst Fake Fiancé takes Maggie, her Smurf-loving daughter Roxie, and their absentminded "Bugs" Sloane through a year of Mother's Day brunches, sorority glamping trips, electricity-killing blizzards, and class reunion shenanigans.

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Once Upon a Pumpkin Spice Latte

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Hildegarde Bittersweet is loyal to the max, responsible to a fault, and an-almost-40 year old who has put her dreams on hold long enough to make sure her Papa's dying wish came true: to bring his Peter Pumpkin Spice into the flavor world. Prince Harcourt "Hart" of Hedgerow is admirably kind, unfailingly thoughtful, and dodging his royal responsibilities for as long as he possibly can. 

He comes to Pumpkin Pond to host the Fall Ball to celebrate when his ancestors discovered the town almost 350 years ago. He also comes because of royal protocol: he must wed a wife before his 35th birthday. At least it won’t be all drudgery and duty. His best friend Hildy will be there, his long-distance best friend for the last 25 years, who begrudgingly helps him as he inadvertently sets into motion the one thing he has avoided his entire life: taking a wife.

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His Favorite Regret

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Cadie Calhoun Wade is having a helluva week: She's finalizing her divorce. She's the "Thing of Honor" for her sister's wedding. And the neighbor's dog keeps stealing into her house and treating her feet like a salt lick.

And it's the one-year anniversary of the biggest loss of her life.

This is not the week for her high school best friend, Bo Garrett, to come back to town. Yes, he might be the most famous action hero in the world now, but his feelings for Cadie haven't disappeared. At all.

Now he's back in Phoenix to get location shots, and he's not about to let the girl who was his biggest regret slip away...yet again.

CONTENT ALERT: Grief after miscarriage

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His Favorite Inconvenience

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The holiday season truly is the most horrible time of the year.

Sera Calhoun found out who she was when she was a sorority girl, trying to find a slutty kitty costume for Halloween. Dane Andersson found out who he was when he was a child, laid up in bed for two years, learning how to walk again.

Their brains tell them to stay the distant acquaintances they are. But then they have to survive a fight-ridden Thanksgiving together. And a drunk St. Nick's Day. And a wet Santa Lucia. And a fish-filled Christmas Eve. Together.

Christmas is the time when people forgive and forget, but are Sera and Dane those kind of people? Do they even want to be???

Why would you love reading this book? You'll find:

-An Emma and Mr. Knightley dynamic

-Swedish customs during the holiday season

-Billionaires that are not the love interest

-A relationship between a stepbrother and stepsister (who became related by marriage when they were adults)

-A Las Vegas Strip Thanksgiving and Santa Lucia

-A little bit of swearing (when necessary) and some lovely sexual tension (which remains closed door)

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His Favorite Distraction

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Annaliese Ludenhausen loves her robots. And she definitely loves them more than any man she's ever met.

The only thing that comes close is her new beach house in Pembroke Village, New Hampshire, which she's moving into just as she's facing the biggest professional opportunity of her life. She has three days to find the bug in a game-changing robot that she's creating for children with autism. 

It's cold and rainy November weekend, the tourists are gone, and Annaliese is ready to embrace her inner hermit and fix the code of her wonky robot.

But when it rains, it pours.

Her hippy dippy mother and sister shove their way into her house. A neighborhood dog is purposely terrorizing her. And the neighbor next door is being a jerk.

Matt Stone is the country's number one quarterback, and he's throwing a huge party this weekend.

Annaliese can't control her mom and sister, nature, or the neighborhood Cujo, but she tries to reason with Matt Stone. She uses studies. She uses kindness. Heck, she even uses what she hates most: compromise.

But Matt has his own problems, and he's not going to budge with doing what he can to distract himself. But he's finding himself liking his neighbor. She's quirky and makes him laugh and even makes him forget the fumbles life has thrown his way. In fact, she might actually end up being his favorite distraction of all time.

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